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You may not see a lot of people walking around with t-shirts that say “I Love Target Shooting” on them, but among those that practice it regularly, they would, no doubt, agree with that statement. Target shooting offers many unique things to love when compared with other hobbies or activities. If you’ve never thought about it, consider these:

The Rush of Shooting a Firearm

For those that enjoy the rush and excitement of firing a gun, target shooting offers a chance to enjoy it in a safe, controlled environment. Whether at an indoor or outdoor range, you will have access to safety equipment, instruction and knowledgeable staff to answer any questions. It is a great place to learn and practice gun safety while improving your skills and feeling that rush that only target shooting provides.

Improved Precision Skills

If you are looking to improve your hand/eye coordination, target shooting is an excellent form of discipline to do just that. Learning to use the sight on the gun, plus holding it steady as you fire, requires a good degree of precision and control. It is helpful not only with steadiness but in developing focus as well. The concentration required in focusing on the target through the sight and firing a steady shot will do wonders in improving your own concentration and coordination.


It’s no secret that we live in a dangerous world. Unfortunately, it is almost imperative for people to know how to defend themselves. Learning to use a gun while target shooting can help to increase your familiarity with weapons as well as how to use them better. If you are more comfortable holding and using a gun and more aware of its capabilities and dangers, you will be better prepared to use it if the need should arise – read article on simple self defense tips.

Target shooting can be a great source of fun, excitement and skill-building. With some effort and discipline, you can become an accomplished marksman, which makes it even more enjoyable. Find a range near you today and discover all the things there are to love about target shooting!